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"Fail and learn, but don’t lose opportunities"


As students, we found that a candidate's main suffering during the interviews are nervousness and the lack of knowledge or skills to handle the unexpected questions. A student may attend hundreds of interviews but no interviewer will have the time or the intention to tell the student what is lacking in him or what needs to be improved. Most of the students learn from their own and other's experiences.


We don’t want you to go through the same path by wasting that time. We, Expedite Innovations and Services Pvt. Ltd., are a Govt. of India recognized training, development and placement assistance firm. We offer our services through our product "Interview Booster". Interview Booster is a solution to the above challenges of nervousness and lack of knowledge. It is a platform where you can experience and learn everything that's needed for an interview process. Here candidates can interact with real industry experts, get a real interview experience and get detailed feedback about their performance. The user will also have access to past interview experiences of various companies.



The most important part to progress in your career are interviews. Interviews are the best means to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Most of the times, interviewers don't share the feedback about your performance. Hence, you have to do all the mathematics by yourselves. We understood this need and we have planned to change this process. We have a panel of most experienced interviewers who work for top MNCs in the field of engineering and management across all over India.


They will not only take your interview, but will also provide you personalized feedback regarding your performance and scope for improvement. Their experience and vision will help you to understand where you stand in the industry and what industry expecting from you. 



"I could be able to introspect till what extent i should improve. I experienced as if i faced a real interview"

-Hari Krishna, 4th Year B.Tech student




₹ 200/Interview

  • Number of interviews: 1 + 1

  • Duration of interview: 30 - 45 minutes

  • Benefits:

Certificate from IB with Score

Detailed Feedback about performance

Off campus placement details through mail